Do you accept returns?

If you order something off of my website that is ready to ship and you receive it in person, decide it’s not for you, I will accept returns within 7 days of receipt.

Due to the nature of custom orders* I do not accept returns on them. 


Do you have a store front?

My tent at my art shows is currently the only store front I have but hopefully that will be changing in the future.

Do you do custom work?

Yes. Please contact me for more information. Info@katiedirnbauer.com


Can you use my gold or diamonds for a custom piece?

Maybe. Please email me for more information. Info@katiedirnbauer.com

*Please keep in mind that everything is handmade, therefore each piece is unique and will have slight variations**. It is one of my favorite parts of handmade that no two pieces will ever be the exact same. If that is something you are uncomfortable with than I will be happy to help you pick out a ready to ship item that will work for you.


** Please allow for slight variations in color due to different screens and monitors.