About Us

If you've taken a dive this deep into my website then you are interested in finding out more about me and where all these crazy awesome ideas come from. So where to begin... 

My background is in sculpture. I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture in 2011. Here is where my love for metal began and where I started to become the jeweler that I am today. My large scale steel sculpture work has really influenced my jewelry not only aesthetically but also conceptually. 

Aesthetically I am drawn towards industrial wastelands. Parts of every city that have been left to decay. There is a certain beauty in what transforms from metal and debris. Rust forms. Organisms begin building their own little cities and nature always wins. It's in these little moments of decay leading to rebirth that I find inspiration. Everything is cyclical. There is a certain cadence to it all.

Conceptually my work is about strength. The inner strength that we all have but sometimes forget. We all have our own story. Everyone has their own trauma and personal struggles they are trying their best to process. I view my jewelry as a piece of personal armor that is there to remind you of how much of a badass you are. I hope each piece helps channel strength and helps lighten the load.

I have thought long and hard about what I wanted to write on this "About Me" section of my website. I debated about going into my own personal struggles with  substance abuse, abusive relationships, death of loved ones, etc... But my stories are your stories. We are here for a brief moment in time and are connected by those stories and experiences. My work speaks to those moments in our own lives of when we look back in awe of how much we've been through and realize how powerful we can be.

Thanks for reading!