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Hot Pink Tourmaline Winged Amulet

Hot Pink Tourmaline Winged Amulet

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This necklace features a chunky piece of hot pink tourmaline. The entire pendant is constructed from oxidized sterling silver with brass moon accents on top. The back has a secret little protection charm and you can choose the length of the necklace you prefer.

All of these pieces have been inspired by an amalgamation of various traditional heart tattoos. The sacred heart typically has flames coming out of it, but I wanted to incorporate the moon, so I set two moons atop each piece. The wings come from the winged heart which symbolizes freedom and independence, something that I think all women/femmes/nbs have to fight for.

I know a lot of people, myself included, tend to shy away from heart imagery, which is why I chose to add the actual heart onto the back. I put another moon on top of that heart (because why not?) and then added an eye of protection.

These feel very sacred to me. It’s a little bit of all the energy I need right now in my life. Love, freedom, strength and some protection from all the trash out there.

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