Why Pin Up Girls?

Why Pin Up Girls?

I have absolutely loved pin up girls since I was little, sitting at my grandparents house in the den where my grandpa kept a sculpture someone had made of “Janie”. Janie was the nose art that was painted on the plane that he worked on in WWII. She always looked so cool. She looked strong and in control. 

As I’ve gotten older, I have had so many friends get tattoos of pin up girls. Each one always had their own story and each one shared that exact same effortlessly cool, absolutely independent vibe as Janie. I know, historically, pin up girls have been used as a sign of women’s empowerment and I really wanted to incorporate that into my work.


We are a bunch of badasses, quite frankly, and this whole collection of jewelry is celebrating that. Honestly, it’s celebrating bodies that look like mine. This trend of showing all bodies wearing clothing and advertising products is giving me life and I want to add more voices to that conversation. I’m 6’1” and have just existed in this world that feels so entitled to “other” my tall, not thin, body and I’m over it. My thick thighs absolutely save lives. And so do yours. As does every other part of your body that doesn’t look airbrushed. The more we normalize all of the bodies that exist the happier this world will be and I am so excited to finally begin contributing to this shift with my own work.


So that’s why I have chosen the pin up girls. And I look forward to developing more pieces that truly show how every body is perfect.

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