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Rocky Rop Chandelier Earrings

Rocky Rop Chandelier Earrings

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Good Ol’ Rocky Top Y’all!

So part of my desire to make some Tennessee earrings stemmed from really just feeling like everyone deserved better than the mass produced, made in another country, earrings everyone else already has. Because that’s true… we deserve better. Why not show out on Game Day? And I gotta say… I think these are my favorites of the whole bunch. They have really good movement so when you get excited the reflections of the sterling silver chain in the middle gives a little twinkle.

I’m also a 2011 UT alumni. So not only are you supporting local but you’re supporting someone that graduated from your favorite teams school! So it’s definitely a bonus.

There earrings are made from sterling silver and Czech glass bead. Czech glass is world renowned for its quality and beauty, which is probably why I’ve loved it since I was a little girl.

Wear these on the next game day and maybe they’ll become the lucky thing the Vols need to with a national championship. Who knows…. It really could all be in your hands. Or ears. Depending on how much you prefer dad jokes. Ha!

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