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Orange You A Vol Hoops

Orange You A Vol Hoops

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Get it? “Orange you a Vol?”??? Hahaha! I have dad jokes for days y’all.

This pair is actually my own personal pair, and not to put any pressure on y’all but I DID wear these during the same last Saturday and the Vols DID win. I don’t know if y’all see as strong as a causation as I do…. But no one can deny the possibility. 😆

These 1” sterling silver hoops have an orange Czech glass flower set at the bottom with some white Czech seed beads going through the middle. Czech glass is world renowned for its quality and beauty. These hoops are on the smaller to medium size, are incredibly lightweight, and definitely show off who you’re rooting for. These simple hoops can be worn every day or just game day.

Wear these on the next game day and maybe they’ll become the lucky thing the Vols need to with a national championship. Who knows…. It really could all be in your hands. Or ears. Depending on how much you prefer dad jokes. Ha!

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