Full Circle Ring
Full Circle Ring
Full Circle Ring
Full Circle Ring

Full Circle Ring

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This ring is made from brass and sterling silver. It can be made into any size that you need and looks great stacked with others!

As I said in my post, this ring is part of a limited edition. They are available through June 19th and 100% of your purchase goes to Knoxville Black Mama's Bailout. 

This organization is based in Knoxville TN and focuses on bailing mother's out of jail that are being held in jail for simply being poor. It's called "pre-trial incarceratation" and this has had a catastrophic impact on families and communities of color. 

Women are typically the fabric that holds a family unit together and when we are held in jail for months and years waiting for a hearing lives are ruined.

The money bail system is catastrophic to families and women of color and is one huge symptom of mass incarceration in this country that disproportionately affects communities of color.

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