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Bride of Frankenstein Reversible Necklace

Bride of Frankenstein Reversible Necklace

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In 1935, the Bride of Frankenstein became the first ever sequel to a movie. But you know what’s even more monumentally bad ass about it? The Bride had less than 10 minutes screen time yet in those few minutes she became a legend. In 1935, this woman, that was literally built to be this thing for this man… woke up, took one look at her surroundings and was like, “Hard pass y’all.” Like whaaaatttt??? In 1935. She’s a legend.

So I had to celebrate her. And honestly, this Picasso Jasper with it’s naturally formed lightning bolt pattern inspired the design. She is set in sterling silver, I have hand cut all the feathers on the back. Her lips are copper and the lightning bolt on the bail is brass. She hangs on a 20” sterling silver chain and the pendant is approximately 1.75” long.

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