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Katie Dirnbauer Designs

Black Widow Red Rosarita Necklace

Black Widow Red Rosarita Necklace

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I was on this kick of making pieces referencing “women of horror” and I had this stunning red Rosarita cabochon that I really wanted to incorporate into something. So I chose a Black Widow spider. I made the pendant reversible so you can choose whichever way you’d like to wear it.

This necklace is approximately 1.5” long. It is constructed from sterling silver with a piece of Rosarita as her abdomen. Rosarita is really cool “stone”. It is a byproduct of the gold smelting done back in the 1950’s and 60’s. This necklace is 20” long. If you’d like it shorter just message me after you purchase it and I will make that happen.

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