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Witchy Moonstone Earrings

Witchy Moonstone Earrings

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These earrings belong to my Winter Solstice collection. The patterned edges and color scheme draw inspiration from Scandinavian folk art, reflecting my passion for it. This season is ideal for rejuvenation and introspection as we prepare to start anew. In a world of constant chaos, we often forget to take a moment to appreciate the small things. My wish is that these earrings serve as a reminder to slow down and prioritize what truly matters to each of us.

Throughout history, the symbol at the top has been utilized by various cultures. It embodies the unity between the mind, body, and soul, serving as a powerful representation.

Discover the powerful properties of Moonstone - known for promoting inner growth, reducing stress and emotional instability, and bringing calmness to the mind. Trust your intuition, be inspired, and attract love and success in business with these magical Moonstone earrings.

These stunning earrings are made with sterling silver and boast the most beautiful moonstone I've ever laid eyes on. The back of each earring is cut out to ensure the bright blue flash of the moonstone can be admired from both the front and the back. 

To accurately determine the size, refer to all provided photos. A variety of pictures and videos are included to aid in comprehending the scale. Additionally, these earrings are incredibly lightweight.

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