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Katie Dirnbauer Designs

Carnelian & 18k Gold Cuff

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Is there anything better than this gem my orange carnelian that is as bright as the sun itself? If there is please let me know. This bracelet is so warm and bright that it might even help with seasonal depression. Or that might be the beginning of spring that’s contributing to that, but who is really keeping track of all that.

The cut of this stone is called a “bullet” which means it sticks up ever so slightly and comes to a point. It creates a subtle way for the stone to be just a bit louder then it would have been as a normal cabochon.

All of this sits on a 6 inch long sterling silver cuff that is adjustable and will fit most wrists. Obviously since this is not a “One Size Fits All” business, I am more than happy to make one whatever size you need. Please just message me and I will begin to make you one.